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We’ve got our small vineyard, buying our farm.
We have turned the farm into unique place to live and to welcome friends and customers.

The farm is located on a confluence of reliefs between Monte Calvario and San Floriano.

It faces on the South and it is naturally ventilated by the Bora, a strong wind from north-east.
Fortunately we live in a mild climate area, typical of the Northern Adriatic.
This wind and the warm breezes help to keep down the moisture and clean the air, offering to the vineyards a unique microclimate.

The farm overlooks at the hills of the Collio.

Slovenian Brda is a place where you can feel unforgettable emotions, especially during sunset, when the sliding light of the sun lights up the vineyards and our garden.

You can look at breathtaking game of light on the Julian Alps and the Friulian Dolomites:

all the mountains turn in various shades of pink.
The “terroir” of the Collio is a perfect combination of climate and soil. Screws benefit of it enormously.

The typical mixture of the soil is the so-called “ponka”.

Ponka is a slovenian term, used to define a soil made of marl and argillaceous limestone.
It formed a land with rich ancient layers of salts and trace elements.
They give to the wine a specific and unmistakable quality.