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Lara Kovic met Paolo Sabatini in 2005.

From then on we have shared our passion for good wine, nature and good food. Even our travels and our friendships are related to these passions!

In 2007 we got married!

After the marriage we have decided to move to Friuli Venezia Giulia!
Why? Because we wished to grow our family and work in this single region, full of nature.

After some researches we have found an old and small winery.

We have instantly felt in love with it.
It is located in front of the Sled hills and the slovenian mountains of Krn and Matajur, in addition to the beautiful Friulian Julian Alps.

There is nothing more beautiful than living surronded by nature.

In this place, in the middle of a unique nature, we have decided to stop and dedicate ourself to our favourite passions.

Fortunately we have immediately met an exceptional winemaker Mr. Franco Terpin.

He’s more than passionate for the winemaking: we could define him a philosopher for the vineyard!
Franco Terpin is one of the leader in the production of orange wine from Collio.

Franco Terpin has generously shared with us the love and the passion for the natural wine, but not only.

He has shared even the style of being a winemaker. Both the old style and the modern at the same time, because he combines the ancient and central role of the winemaker in the care of the vineyards, supported by modern and innovative methodologies to process grape and wine.

This genuine friendship has inspired us to deeply love this land and these vineyards.

These changes have been exciting, but also difficult, because the renovation and the extension on our home has lasted for more than three years.
During this period the our growing family had to move temporarily in Gorizia.
The family has increased the size: Pietro was born in 2008, Lea in 2011 and Constanza in 2013.

The passion for wine and food has grown in parallel with our gorgeous family!