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orange wine

Orange Wine: the 4th of the Traditional Wine Colors

Orange Wine: What is it? Orange has become the fourth of the traditional wine colors in addition to white, red and rosé. The term Orange Wine is new. It was formed to describe a group of wines made of white grapes which are left in contact with grape skins over a longer period of time…

wine rules

10 Commandments of Wine

If you want your glass of wine becomes a mystical experience, you need to follow these basic rules. Are you prepared to respect them all? 1 – You will not have another kind of glass, except the stem glass It may seem trivial, but you shouldn’t drink wine in any glass found in the kitchen.…


Open a Wine Bottle without a Corkscrew: 5 useful Hacks

Imagine a beautiful day in Spring, a bottle of wine and…no corkscrew: damn it! But we’ve got 5 fantastic ideas to open your bottle of wine without a corkscrew! You can experience different ideas to open it: 1 – Take a hammer I know what you’re thinking…stop…it isn’t a good idea mate! You’ll also need…

malolactic fermentation

What is Malolactic Fermentation?

Ever wondered why some wines have a creamy or buttery taste? The process of Malolactic Fermentation is a winemaking process that gives a richer and creamier texture. Oddly enough, Malolactic Fermentation isn’t technically a fermentation at all. Also called malo or MLF, malolactic fermentation is a process where tart malic acid in wine is converted…


Orange Wine Festival 2017

The Orange Wine Festival is an International Festival of wines with prolonged maceration. On Friday 28th of April, the last Friday of April, Orange Wine Festival shall attract International winelovers of natural wines, produced by prolonged maceration with grape skins. They will meet on Manzioli Square and in the Manzioli Palace, in the center of…

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