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Imagine a beautiful day in Spring, a bottle of wine and…no corkscrew: damn it!
But we’ve got 5 fantastic ideas to open your bottle of wine without a corkscrew!
You can experience different ideas to open it:

1 – Take a hammer

I know what you’re thinking…stop…it isn’t a good idea mate!
You’ll also need a screw to avoid shattering the glass! You have to twist it down into the cork. Then you need to use the back of the hammer to yank out the screw and cork together. Done! Easy, isn’t it?

2 – Take a key

Push a key firmly into the edge of the cork at a 45° angle. When you have got more than two-thirds of the key in the cork, twist it around while you gently pull at the same time.

3 – Take your shoe

Yes, this is a real way to open a wine bottle! Remove the wrapping around the cork first and place your bottle in your shoe. Give it a few good whacks against a wall and the cork will pop out. Be careful! This also work if you wrap a towel around it! Voila!

4 – Knife it

Carefully push a serrated knife through the cork. It needs to be serrated so the blade can grab onto the cork for the next step: When you have pushed the knife through the cork, twist the blade until the cork is out! Be careful buddy!

5 – Use a String

Poke a hole in the cork with a sharp object. Tie a knot at one end of a string and feed it all the way through the hole in the cork. You will need the sharp object you used to poke a hole in the cork to help you feed the string through. When the knot is all the way through, remove the sharp object and pull the the string until the cork is out!

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