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Pinot Gris is produced with the same grape used for Pingris, but it is aged with a different process.
This small vineyard is producing Pinot Gris for more than 50 years.
It is located at an altitude of 120 meters, in the middle of the Collio.

This vineyard is planted with a Guyot system.

Vineyard’s yield is very low: it does not exceed 40 quintal/hectare.

Grapes are cultivated with natural and BIO methods and harvested well ripened.

Our vineyard is totally hand-harvested.
Grape is collected in small open crates. After that, the grape is left to macerate its skin for 6/7 days.

At a later time the grape is put in steel barrels for 14 months.

It is not filtered and it is treated only by adding just a little sulfur.

The result is a full-body wine, light-pink coloured and slightly tannic.

It is extremely pleasant and exhibit a cherry flavorwith mineral tones.

It combines well with first courses made of vegetables, including risottos and soups, and white meats or swordfish rolls.